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The Oort cloud is the farthest region of the solar system and presumably stores the most primitive objects and materials in the solar system. Studying the orbits and composition of the Oort cloud objects, we can obtain precious information on the origin and evolution of the solar system. On the other hand, the Oort cloud objects which come to the Earth as comets could bring water and organics to prepare life-friendly environment, and at the same time could destroy life on Earth.

Unification Thought teaches that the planet Earth is the homeland of humanity and that we can protect and nourish the Earth's environment through science and technology as well as our love. In that sense, it should be our destiny to develop some way to avoid another mass extinction by developing a method such as higher capability of detecting possible objects in collision courses to the Earth, deflecting their orbits, destroying them, and/or capturing them as our new moons for space development and scientific resources.
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