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Octopuses not only play a vital role in food chains, but also are one of the more fascinating animals for humans. Whether ejecting an ink to escape predators, exhibiting camouflage, moving by jet propulsion as the arms trail behind, escaping through a whole much smaller than their size, or attacking and capturing a shark, octopuses have attracted human interest. Some can become bright colors when frightened, and other blend nearly undetectable into the background. The mimic octopus can accurately mimic other marine creatures, and even change the texture of their mantle to take on the appearance of seaweed or the bumpy texture of a rock. The intelligence of octopuses has also fascinated humans. Whether featured in aquaria and raised as pets, or whether serving as a delicacy for the human palate, octopuses have contributed a lot to the quality of human life.

This reflects a basic characteristic of the world. As with other taxa, in fulfilling their own purpose of survival, multiplication, and maintenance, octopuses contribute to the ecosystems in which they live and contribute something unique to humans.

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