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Unification Aspects:

Nucleotides are known as the integral component making up nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA, and key metabolic compounds such as ATP. Their ubiquitous presence from viruses and bacteria to humans reflects the harmony in nature, as well as a common base among all living organisms despite their diversity. The reality is that any two living beings, no matter how dissimilar, share this common biochemical aspect. Ultimately, this ubiquitous nature of nucleotides reflects an external development of life whereby more complex and later evolved organisms come on the foundation of earlier and simpler organisms, sharing common ancestors that utilized nucleotides for metabolism, the genetic code, etc. This understanding, however, does not conflict with the theological view that posits that the internal design of creation was based on humans, in the image of a Supreme Being (with people as a microcosm of creation), but simply that the actual process of development, as reflected through evolution (specifically the theory of descent with modification), would have involved more recent organisms coming on the foundation of earlier forms.

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