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New York City is the most prominent and historical city of the New World as it faces eastward toward old Europe. Since the earliest days of Christian religious freedom seekers heading to the coasts of the New World, the City of New York has been the gateway for immigrants of all races, religions, and nationalities. New York City, even in modern times, holds great expectations for people the world over. It is truly a unique city that has always held a vision of racial, religious, and cultural unity as its foundation for success.

Saints and sinners have all left their legacies here. From the days of slavery in the United States when the city became a hotbed of abolitionist fervor to the era of mobster violence, it has often been a proving ground of both good and evil in the public consciousness. Events in this megalopolis often have impacts that affect the entire country. Sometimes the hearts and spirits of all Americans are sorely tested by events transpiring within its boundaries, like the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Other events, like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, inspire and entertain the entire American public, and are now watched around the world.

When Reverend Moon first came to the City of New York in 1971 he said he saw the great and tall buildings of this huge city, but tears came down his face when he asked himself, “Does God dwell in those buildings?” In speaking of the serious problems of the United States, he often used New York City as an example of a microcosm of America. Speeches like "Christianity in Crises: New Hope"(Carnegie Hall, October 1, 1973) "God's Way of Life" (Waldorf Astoria Hotel, September 17, 1974) and "The New Future of Christianity" (Madison Square Garden, September 18, 1974) were all delivered during his early years in America. In these events, he declared that America would severely decline in every way if the American people did not stop turning their back on God. He declared his mission to be one of bringing spiritual renewal to Christian America and he challenged all Americans to return to the spiritual roots and ideals of the founding fathers and mothers of their nation.

With the world headquarters for the United Nations located in New York City, it truly has the potential to be that "city on a hill" for the entire world to look at as a model for world peace.
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