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Lydia Chukovskaya was a Russian writer and poet. She was the daughter of the celebrated children's writer Korney Chukovsky, wife and widow of the scientist Matvei Bronstein, and close associate and chronicler of the poet Anna Akhmatova.

Her deeply personal writings reflect the human cost of Soviet totalitarianism, and she devoted much of her career to defending dissidents such as Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Andrei Sakharov.

The courage of Chukovskaya, together with other dissidents, played a crucial role in the ultimate collapse of the Soviet Union. Their lives and work demonstrated that the human spirit could not be denied, or made into a mere epiphenomenon, as it was considered in Marxist philosophy. They also demonstrated that courage in the face of evil will prosper, because it can do what evil cannot, sacrifice itself for the greater good.

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