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Unification Aspects: Discovery and significance of the Kuiper belt are analogous to those of the asteroid belt. At first, only a small number of bodies were discovered, and gradually a belt structure came to be recognized. They are boundaries between rocky and gaseous planets, and between planets and icy dwarf planets. The majority of meteorites and short-period comets come from the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt, respectively. Orbital characteristics and material compositions of asteroids and Kuiper belt objects provide us with important clues to the distribution of materials and evolution history of the Solar System. Their approaches and falls to the Earth must have had great influences on the formation of the Earth and the development of human civilization. Kuiper belt objects coming as comets and dusts are God's gift for humanity to go back in time and study early stages of the Solar System. That is a part of His Principle of Creation which is directly responsible for preparing the home planet for His children, human beings.
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