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Karl Haushofer is well known for his development of the German Geopolitik, a form of geopolitics that was adopted by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime to justify German expansionism. This resulted in World War II and massive loss of human life, for which Haushofer bears some level of responsibility. The fact that he and his wife committed suicide, following investigation concerning possible war crimes, indicates their awareness of the horrors which his work advanced.

However, Haushofer had some ideas that were in line with God's providence. One of those is the idea of lebensraum or "living space." Each social group needs a space to live and develop into larger social institution. Stronger groups naturally expand, sometimes into the territory of another group, which is natural and in line with God's providence. Yet, all people are God's children, and just as elder siblings should show care and concern for their younger, weaker siblings, so should stronger nations take care of smaller, weaker ones.

Haushofer, however, overemphasized the German state, developing the self-centered view of Germans as privileged and chosen people, who were destined to control Europe. His ideas were thus open to misuse by those motivated by selfish desire. And indeed, his work was adopted by the Nazis in support of their self-centered expansionism without concern for others, with catastrophic results.

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