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The Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text that has received increasing attention in the West during the latter half of the twentieth century, is a multi-faceted manual for leading a fulfilling Hindu life. While it contains advice on increasing a couple’s intimacy and sexual pleasure, many in the West erroneously believe that these contents are the entirety of the text. Instead, it also includes a general overview of the four meaningful life-goals for a devoted Hindu, which include the path of morality (dharma), the path of material and social success (artha), the path of aesthetic and sensual enjoyment (kama), and the path of renunciation (moksha). While only the final path provides an escape from samsara, the other three, when followed in a morally conscientious manner, will all yield positive karmic fruits. Ignoring this overarching context is to greatly undervalue (and misrepresent) this important text. Even the sexual portions of the Kama Sutra, while lacking the detailed metaphysical and cosmological elaborations of the tantric school, are neither scurrilous nor immoral. Instead, they merely outline the means of utilizing human sexuality in the most mutually spiritually fulfilling manner.

This understanding of redeemed sexuality is affirmed by the Divine Principle's importance on sexuality within the context of marriage, which is celebrated.

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