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John Ferguson McLennan was a nineteenth-century Scottish lawyer and ethnologist whose work significantly impacted the field of anthropology. His theory of totemism influenced Sigmund Freud's work, and his work on kinship and marriage, such as the origin of exogamy, contributed to the great debates on this topic that continued for decades.

McLennan's criticism of the patriarchy as the primary and universal form of the family was correct, in that many forms of the family have indeed been found throughout human history. However, his account of the development of societies based on polyandry, marriage by capture, and exogamy also does not adequately explain the appearance of different familial structures nor does it give a vision of the ideal.

Unification Thought explains that the ideal family structure is based on monogamous marriage centered on God, such that the horizontal relationship of two parents forms one axis while the vertical parent-child relationship completes the structure. However, due to the Human fall, the first family failed to establish this structure and the resulting clans and tribes also were unable to achieve the ideal. The appearance of the patriarchal society of Kingdom of Israel was due to God's efforts to establish a lineage through which to bring about the providential consummation of human history and the establishment of the ideal family.

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