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Unification Aspects:
  • Jing (essence), qi (breath energy) and shen (a divine or human spirit) cannot be separated; they each provide a foundation for the others to operate in the human body and mind. Good physical health requires a positive mental state, and a healthy mental state results from proper care and nourishment of the body. Harmful psychological circumstances can affect the health of the physical body. Modern scientists are now studying and quantifying the chemical processes that occur in the body in response to mental states, and the ways in which the mind responds to the physical state of the body.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine recognized long ago that stress is a major cause of disease, and that diet, exercise and moderation are the keys not only to good physical health but to a healthy mental state. Recently Western doctors treating Masai tribesmen in Kenya were surprised to find that some of their illness were also due to stress, rather than to bacterial and parasitic infections. We often think that stress is a disease of our modern world, but it is apparent that a person experiences stress no matter what society he or she lives in.
  • Unificationism teaches that a person has a physical body and a spiritual body that communicate and interact through the mind. A person can receive spiritual energy from God and the spiritual world through his or her spirit mind. The spiritual body receives vitality elements from the activities of the physical body. Good vitality elements resulting from actions of self-discipline and service to others strengthen the communication between mind and body and the spirit and body, allowing the physical body to receive positive spiritual energy, and the spirit to grow closer to God. This positive energy promotes good health and physical vitality. Abuse of the physical body and self-centered actions weaken the connection between the spirit, mind and body and cause a separation from God. A person must make a conscious effort to live in a way that promotes spiritual development and good physical health.
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