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Thanks to Psycho, Janet Leigh is perhaps cinema's most famous victim. Making her greatest impact in baroque masterpieces filled with fear on the screen, off-screen, Janet Leigh was said to be one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth women in Hollywood. According to Ellen Graham, "She seemed to have no pretense about her in any way. Her star recognition was always very high in the movie community throughout her adult life to the end, but she never appeared to have been fazed by it. She was known as “Jenny” to her closest friends."[1]

When Janet Leigh wrote her memoir, There Really Was a Hollywood, in 1984, her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis did a preface in which she said the first day she was ever on a set, a crew member told her, "Your mother is one of the few people in Hollywood that no one has anything bad to say about."

Interviewed at the age of 75 she was asked if she and former husband Tony Curtis were frustrated by the light material they were cast in she responded, "Oh, God, no! I hate that attitude. I was lucky to have a job, to have a chance to work. And we were making entertainment. You do your best and you hope for the best."[2]


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