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Hiram Bingham made a great contribution to the world through his discovery and investigation of the awe-inspiring "Lost City of the Incas"—Machu Picchu. This incredible place was virtually lost to the world after being abandoned by the Incas, for unknown reasons. Bingham's excitement and passion on being shown the site by local inhabitants led to his uncovering of fascinating remains of this culture.

Due to Bingham's work, both his excavations and his writings, Machu Picchu has been brought to the attention of the world. A popular tourist attraction, many are able to experience this beautiful example of the co-creativity of humankind and nature.

Bingham's contribution to human society was not limited to one area, as he was both an active military aviator and later a politician. His life, thus, served as a popular example of the best of American life, combining academic scholarship and political success with the more practical pursuits of exploration and flying. Indeed, combining intellectual knowledge with practical skills and action in the pursuit of one's dream to serve society embodies the achievement of the Unification thought concept of "education of dominion."

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