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The Western world is deeply indebted to the ancient Greeks for providing much of the roots of Western civilization. The Greeks not only planted the seeds of democracy, philosophy, drama, and medicine, but also gave birth to a poetic and mythological tapestry that became an intrinsic part of the Western imagination and vocabulary.

According to Unification Thought, the history of humanity has gone through several periods in the ongoing providence of restoration. One of these important ages included the civilizations of Ancient Greece and Rome. Among the famous figures from this time, Hippocrates stands out as having a profound impact on humanizing the practice of medicine through his "Hippocratic Oath." His efforts to ensure that physicians practice medicine with the highest ethical ideals was all the more remarkable given the religious climate of his day. His Oath expresses a genuine concern for the well-being of fellow humanity governed by ethical conduct. Today, the Hippocratic Oath is still used around the world even though the gods of the Greeks are long gone. Thus, Hippocrates legacy lives on in the noble care he showed for the pursuit of health and healing.

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