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Unification Aspects:

The gyroscope is one of the most useful inventions of human kind. Its ability to remain stable even when its components are moving has made it possible for vast improvements to be made to navigational systems and precision instruments.

From a Unification perspective, several points can be made:

  • From a Unification perspective, it has been God's ideal from the very beginning of creation to see human beings, as His sons and daughters, take responsibility for their lives, inherit His creativity, and build a pleasant environment, both internally (spiritually) and externally (in the physical world). Thus, the design, manufacture, and use of gyroscopes are indicative of our inner drive to fulfill God's ideal of creation and to lead lives of happiness.
  • Gyroscopes are an external manifestation of our internal attributes, such as intelligence and ingenuity. These attributes have allowed us to (a) conceive of and plan each project, (b) create the tools and equipment needed, and (c) execute the project. These attributes are connected to our God-given spiritual dimension. Other living organisms on Earth are unable to perform such tasks.
  • For any creative project to succeed, design and planning must come first, followed by the investment of a great deal of effort. From a Unification perspective, this process resembles the manner in which God has created the world—first formulating a design and a plan, then executing the plan by investing all His efforts and energies according to certain laws and principles, over a long period of time. The highly sophisticated world of nature and the intelligence and capabilities of human beings could not have arisen by thoughtless occurrences cobbled together by blind chance, but they required the thoughtful planning and wholehearted efforts of the Higher Being we call God. When we understand this point, we can be grateful to our Creator and realize that our creative attributes and efforts actually resemble His, even in the tasks we undertake for our physical lives.
  • Although transport vehicles with gyroscopes have generally benefited humanity, they have also been used in wars and conflicts. These aspects of human history are indicative of our separation from God's heart and the ideal of true love.
  • Even as gyroscopes are used to benefit humanity, they provide us with an internal guiding principle: to live for the benefit of others. By so doing, we can create a world of happiness and peace for all to enjoy.
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