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Lord Carnarvon was an enthusiastic amateur archaeologist, led to this interest by his ill health causing him to take up residence in Egypt. Bored and wealthy, Carnarvon found a worthy occupation for his time and money—the excavation of the historical sites of the great ancient Egyptian civilization. Unable to succeed on his own, Carnarvon did not despair but found an excellent associate in Howard Carter. Together they uncovered one of the most famous finds in twentieth century archaeology. Their collaboration exemplifies the principle of harmonious give and receive action, with each complementing the other in their abilities and resources, united on a common purpose.

The discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb was an immediate sensation, evoking public interest once more for Egyptology. Through this, the public became excited about ancient Egyptian culture, a culture that influenced the development of human civilization in many significant ways. Carnarvon's work thus helped humankind understand one important aspect of our common heritage.

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