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Funk music is a combination of jazz, blues, rock and roll, soul, gospel, hip-hop, reggae, and Latin music which began in the 1960s and documented a revolutionary times in United States history. As the 1960s were filled with the Vietnam War and the struggle for civil rights equality, funk music expressed its opinion in an avenue of music which was later regarded as the soul of black music. With the sounds of James Brown and his initial song of "Outta Sight," funk music moved onto defining a specific era and culture in the history of African-American music where funk music became the strength and optimism of an African-American culture that had found its power and humanity in a black art.

As funk music defined an era and culture in black history, Unification Thought defines a cooperative give and take action between what is relational in nature. According to the Universal Peace Federation, "The universe is relational in nature. Give and take action leads to peace when the action is guided by the principle of living for the sake of others" (Core Values and Principles, Universal Peace Federation).

Funk music was a give-and-take action between the music genres of jazz, blues, rock and roll, soul, etc. and the political reactions to the Vietnam War and civil rights for blacks. What came out of this union was a new strength and power for African Americans that defined an era and culture for the continuation of black history in the United States.
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