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Unification Aspects:

Francium is a radioactive metal, with highly unstable isotopes, and only small amounts of this element have been found in nature or produced artificially. Thus, knowledge of the properties of this element is very limited. Its existence and some of its properties were predicted by Dmitri Mendeleev long before it was actually discovered.

From a Unification perspective, several points can be made:

  • Humans have the remarkable ability to predict the existence of an element before its discovery, to discover it despite its highly unstable nature, and to determine some its properties. This ability is connected to human’s intellect and ingenuity, which are attributes of their internal, spiritual nature. None of the other species on Earth manifests this ability.
  • Humans’ desire to learn about an element such as francium is far removed from concerns about their day-to-day existence. This desire, however, is a manifestation of their natural, God-given drive that contributes toward their ability to fulfill God's Third Great Blessing to humanity—that of harmonizing with the creation and establishing a dominion (stewardship) of true love over it.
  • Human value and potential are much greater than that of francium or any other material element. Thus humans need to value other people more than they value francium or other material things. By fulfilling their potential to express God's love and way of life, they can be greater treasures than any material thing.
As humans grow in their ability to bring God's love to others, they can create the climate in which others can experience and express God's love as well. In this manner, they can create an environment of peace and happiness in the world.
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