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Euthanasia is the practice of terminating the life of a human being or animal with an incurable disease, intolerable suffering, or a possibly undignified death in a painless or minimally painful way, for the purpose of limiting suffering. It is a form of homicide; the question is whether or not it should be considered justifiable or criminal.

The advancements in medicine and medical technology have complicated the issue, providing the means to keep the body alive when the patient may remain unconscious, or minimally conscious, possibly in physical as well as psychological pain, but with no way to communicate to others or to experience any quality of life. Under circumstances where removal of this life support would inevitably result in death, there is only a difficult decision to be made by family or those with authority, but not a legal issue. For many, however, the distinction between the withdrawal of medical support and the administration of lethal medication is a fine line; for others it constitutes the "slippery slope" to justifying too many types of homicide.

Unification thought regards life as given by God, and the physical body to be only part of that life. The purpose of one's physical life is to mature one's character, uniting mind and body, to establish a healthy family through harmonious relationships with others, and to exercise loving stewardship over nature. When we have achieved these Three Blessings we are ready to move on to our eternal afterlife in the spiritual world. This should be a nature process, similar to the birth of a child from the mother's womb. However, due to the Fall of Man, human beings have become ignorant of the true purpose of life, spiritual senses have become dulled, and many no longer even believe in the existence of God or the spiritual world. In such a situation, most are not well prepared to end their physical life. Euthanasia, while considered "mercy killing," guarantees an end only to physical suffering but gives no guarantee for a happy eternal life. Until such time as humanity's spiritual awareness catches up with its medical knowledge of the physical body, the ending of someone's physical life, with or without their consent, is questionable at best. The solution to the problem of euthanasia involves not just a change in laws, but the transformation of human beings from the fallen state of ignorance into one of much greater self-awareness as spiritual beings with hearts of true love for one another and God.

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