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Effa Manley was a white woman raised in a bi-racial home yet she stood for black civil rights and the rights of the Negro League players. A tenacious worker, she pushed for fairness with the Citizen’s League for Fair Play and then served the NAACP in Newark. She had a natural savvy for business and promotion and organized the business side of the Newark Eagles team while her African-American husband handled his other businesses. Her efforts brought greater fairness to baseball.

She stands as a woman who did not let skin color be an obstacle to success or an excuse for failure. Furthermore, she did not let her gender be one either. It seems as if she made up her mind to do something and then just did it, no matter what stood in her way.

Success comes from "concentrating 100 percent on one thing at a time" according to Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who has successfully established hundreds of organizations, businesses, and other efforts to bring peace to the world.

In that spirit, Effa Manley was a woman all can respect because she worked for fairness and challenged the status quo to the betterment of all people of color, and to the betterment of baseball, a beloved sport in the United States.

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