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Unification Aspects:

Desire has been the subject of religious and philosophical speculation in most cultures. The problem of desire has been a fundamental obstacle to the attainment of personal happiness as well of social harmony. The problem is desire has been, simply put, the problem of uplifting and edifying desire vs. self-destructive and harmful desire. Since desires don't come with a clear outcomes attached, cultures have created ways of thinking about them and moral rules and guidelines to help their society and their society's members navigate the question of desire.

Unificationism, unlike other religious or philosophical traditions, adds a different dimension to desire by addressing the question of God's desire. Unificationism asserts that God created the world based on a desire for relationship, in the position of the parent to humankind, in the position of God's children. Since the relationship between God and man is meant to be Parent and child, and since God is the Parent of all mankind, the relationship between peoples and cultures should be one of brothers and sisters. God's greatest desire is to see a unified world of peace.
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