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Crime involves deliberate harm against another person, or group of people. Thus, it is not a desirable occurrence in human society, and in an ideal society comprised of mature, true human beings there should be no crime.

Historically, though, there have been no ideal societies, nor have people fulfilled their potential as true human beings. Therefore, human societies have struggled with the existence of crime, the need for laws to prohibit harmful acts, methods of enforcing those laws, and the determination and carrying out of punishments. Some societies have used divine authority to legislate, while others have struggled to create and continually update a legal system of their own making. In all cases, though, crimes continued to be committed and punishments failed to deter or rehabilitate criminals.

The cause of crime exists in the origins of human history, in the fall that occurred in the first human family and the subsequent violence that took place. From this we can understand that the solution to crime cannot be found in laws, law enforcement, penal system, or even social work or mental health efforts. In order to end crime, human beings must mature and establish true families and true societies, the ideal world of peace.

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