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Condensation is the change in phase of a substance from a gas (or vapor) to a liquid. It occurs when a vapor is cooled or compressed or subjected to both cooling and compression. Liquid that is formed by condensation of a vapor is called the condensate.

The phenomenon of condensation occurs regularly in nature. For example, clouds are formed by the condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere. Thus, condensation is an important process in the hydrologic cycle (water cycle). Also, the water seen on the outside of a cold glass on a hot day is condensation. In fundamental research and industrial processes, condensation is used in conjunction with distillation, as a means of separating a substance from a mixture.

From a Unification perspective, we can make several points:

  • Scientific research into the condensation of gases satisfies our internal drive to understand more about the natural world. This is a manifestation of our invisible, spiritual self that seeks to know the truth.
  • We have been able to apply the knowledge gained from this research (and from our everyday experience) in various practical ways. This is a manifestation of our desire to create a comfortable living environment for our physical bodies.
  • Both of these aspects—the desire to know the truth and the desire to create a comfortable living environment—are based on desires that God has given us. Our ability to fulfill these desires is based on our internal, spiritual mind and our external, physical body. Thus the use of knowledge in practical ways is a form of uniting our mind and body. It is also a path toward our fulfillment of God's blessing to establish harmony with and a stewardship of true love over the created world. Unification Thought calls it the fulfillment of God's Third Great Blessing to humanity.
  • When we use this type of knowledge to benefit others, rather than for selfish gain, we express the divinity of God and the love of God within our lives. This then becomes a way to bring happiness to humanity and peace in the world.
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