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Comets have influenced human civilization through much of history. In the past, people were afraid of comets either as bad omens or because of the possibility that they might collide with the Earth. The discovery that some comets return periodically gave people a sense of the periodic nature of many aspects of this universe—a point made by Unification Thought.

According to the modern scientific view, comets are believed to be remnants of the early solar system. Thus they provide us with the valuable opportunity to study the early history of the solar system. This desire to understand nature, including the formation and evolution of our own solar system, reflects our inner drive toward fulfilling the Third Blessing—that of establishing a dominion of true love over creation.

Comets retain water and organics that are vital elements for life. It is thought that after the Earth was formed, it was in a molten state for some time, because of the heat from radioactive elements and collisional and gravitational energies. Once the Earth had cooled down, the volatile substances preserved in comets may have fallen onto the Earth to be the seeds of a life-friendly environment. In this manner, comets may have served humanity by contributing to the formation of a life-bearing planet, according to God's plan of creation, as taught in Unification Thought.
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