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Unification Aspects:

While the African buffalo can be aggressive, attacking humans and lions, the water buffalo has been domesticated by humans. In fact, it has been domesticated to the point that water buffalo form a bond with their human owners and can be herded even by children. There are even stories of water buffalo protecting their masters by fending off attacks by crocodiles and tigers. This is a rather remarkable development and shows an aspect of Unification Thought. According to Unification Thought, humans stand in a special position relative to creation, with the responsibility to love creation and to use their creativity to help created entities achieve greater value. Through domestication, the water buffalo has achieved even greater value.

Unification Thought recognizes that living organisms serve both a purpose for the individual and a purpose for the whole. The individual purpose involves the maintenance, growth, and multiplication of the species. The whole purpose can include both a hyung sang purpose, whereby other species and the environment are benefited, and a sung sang purpose, whereby humans are benefited. The individual purpose works in harmony with the whole purpose, and underlies the unity seen in the world. In the case of buffalo, the hyung sang purpose for the whole can be seen in the relationship these ungulates have with the symbiotic bacteria and protozoa in their gut. They provide shelter and food for the bacteria and protozoa, and in turn receive the ability to digest and get the energy and nutrition (glucose) from the cellulose that makes up most plant matter. The sung sang purpose for the whole includes the vast number of things that buffaloes provide for humans, including milk, pulling carts, and so forth.

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