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Unification Aspects:

Broadcasting, the method of transmitting informational signals to be received by the general public, developed in the early twentieth century. In this same time period, human beings made great advances in both external knowledge, through science and technology, and internal growth, developing social awareness of the rights of individuals around the world, increasing globalization and breaking down barriers between cultures, and greater consciousness of our role as stewards over the environment.

The ability to convey information, instantly and worldwide, through the method of broadcasting, is an essential component of the development of human society. In the past, people were not only unwilling but also unable to communicate with those from other groups that were geographically distant and that shared no common language. Through broadcasting, humans can see and hear people from around the world instantly, in their own homes, experiencing the tragedies and victories in their lives as they happen. Such experiences change one's outlook on life around the world, breaking down the barriers that have been erected throughout history, and allowing people all over the world to share the same experiences as one family.

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