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The Bagrationi dynasty numbers one of the oldest royal houses in the world. As dynasties came and went elsewhere, members of this family continued to rule Georgia, and various break-away entities, for a thousand years. On the one hand, monarchy may not be the most ideal form of governance since power is usually concentrated in the hands of one person or of a few people. On he other hand, an ancient dynasty such as this helped to give stability and a sense of national identity to the people of Georgia over many centuries. The dynasty's patronage of learning contributed to the development of Georgian culture. In the modern nation state of Georgia, symbols and memories of this dynasty have played a crucial role in the construction of national identity. Sun Myung Moon stresses the importance of lineage and of establishing godliness and a tradition of service of others across at least three generations. Members of this dynasty may not always have lived up to Sun Myung Moon's ideal of living for the sake of others, although some did. Many did serve their nation and their people in good times and through times of difficulty. Few families can claim as distinguished a history of national leadership over such a long period, just short of one thousand years.

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