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Unification Aspects:

The harmony in nature, which observers have so often referenced, is considered by Unification Thought to reflect the principle of dual purposes. This is the view that entities in the universe simultaneously exhibit both a purpose for the whole and for the individual. The purpose for the whole means that by which the individual contributes to the preservation and development of the larger entity, and the individual purpose refers to the need to support an individual's own multiplication, development, self-preservation, and self-strengthening. In the case of antelope, their speed, keen eyesight, and various behaviors promote their survival, development, and multiplication. However, as a group, they also play a key role in their ecosystem as part of the food chain, consuming plant matter and in turn being prey for a vast variety of animals—lions, cheetahs, pythons, hyenas, and so forth. They also provide value for humans. Their speed, grace, and unique prancing motions make them aesthetically attractive for viewing by humans. They have historically also provided food for humans.

On the other hand, human activities have not been so kind to the antelopes, as anthropogenic factors (overhunting, habitat removal, introduced diseases) have reduced some populations to endangered statuses.

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