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Anne Boleyn was perhaps the most infamous English queen consort because she was beheaded under English law for adultery by her husband Henry VIII. She married him, either at age 26 or 32, after waiting for nearly seven years for Henry's annulment from his first wife, Catherine of Aragon.

Anne challenged the status quo and the role of women and queens at her time. Her downfall was due to a combination of factors: her overly ambitious family, her own powerful and passionate character which led her into controversial areas, her political enemies at court, Catholics who supported the pope in Henry's "great matter," and Henry's selfish determination to have a male heir. Ultimately, even though Catholics denounced her as a witch and an adulteress, the Protestants in England claimed her as a martyr for their faith.

From a Unificationist view, Anne's passionate Protestant faith and Henry's love for her can be seen as furthering God's providence in England and its future colonies, as the Catholic Church no longer held the central position in the providence of restoration. The Protestant Reformation was enhanced by both Henry VIII's creation of the Church of England and Anne Boleyn's support of the growth of Protestantism. Her daughter Elizabeth became one of England's greatest monarchs.

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