List of World Heritage Sites in the Arab States


This is a list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Arab States.[1] Some of these countries are geographically located in Asia and some in Africa.

Flag of Algeria Algeria

  • Al Qal'a of Beni Hammad
  • Djémila
Djemila Roman Theater

Flag of Bahrain Bahrain

  • Qal'at al-Bahrain Archaeological Site

Flag of Egypt Egypt

  • Abu Mena
Al Rifa'i Mosque in Cairo
The Giza Pyramids, part of the Giza Necropolis
  • Saint Catherine Area
  • Wadi Al-Hitan (Whale Valley)

Flag of Iraq Iraq

  • Assur (Qal'at Sherqat)
  • Hatra
  • Samarra Archaeological City


  • The Old City of Jerusalem[2]
Overview of the Old City of Jerusalem

Flag of Jordan Jordan

  • Petra – archaeological site
  • Quseir Amra – desert castle
  • Um er-Rasas (Kastrom Mefa'a) – archaeological site

Flag of Lebanon Lebanon

  • Anjar
  • Baalbek
  • Byblos
  • Ouadi Qadisha (the Holy Valley) and the Forest of the Cedars of God
  • Tyre

Flag of Libya Libya

  • Archaeological Site of Cyrene
  • Archaeological Site of Leptis Magna
  • Archaeological Site of Sabratha
  • Old Town of Ghadames
  • Rock-art Sites of Tadrart Acacus

Flag of Mauritania Mauritania

Flag of Morocco Morocco

Essaouira Citadel
  • Archaeological Site of Volubilis
  • Historic City of Meknes
  • Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou
Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou
  • Medina of Essaouira (formerly Mogador)
  • Medina of Fez
  • Medina of Marrakesh
  • Medina of Tétouan (formerly known as Titawin)
  • Portuguese City of Mazagan (El Jadida)

Flag of Oman Oman

Bahla Fort
  • Aflaj Irrigation System of Oman
  • Archaeological sites of Bat, Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn
  • Bahla Fort
  • The Frankincense Trail

Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

  • The Archaeological Site of Al-Hijr (Madâin Sâlih) [1]

Flag of Sudan Sudan

  • Gebel Barkal and the Sites of the Napatan Region

Flag of Syria Syria

  • Ancient City of Aleppo
  • Ancient City of Bosra
  • Ancient City of Damascus
  • Crac des Chevaliers and Qal'at Salah El-Din
Qal'at Salah El-Din in Syria
  • Site of Palmyra

Flag of Tunisia Tunisia

  • Amphitheatre of El Jem
  • Dougga/Thugga
  • Ichkeul National Park
  • Kairouan
  • Medina of Sousse
  • Medina of Tunis
  • Punic Town of Kerkouane and its Necropolis
  • Site of Carthage

Flag of Yemen Yemen

Sites in danger

  • Abu Mena (Egypt)
  • Ashur (Qal'at Sherqat) (Iraq)
  • Samarra Archaeological City (Iraq)
  • Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls (Jerusalem)
  • Historic Town of Zabid (Yemen)[3]


  1. World Heritage Centre - World Heritage List
    Note: According to UNESCO,
    The situation of Jerusalem is an exceptional one in that there is no general political agreement as to the status of the city, certain states declaring that they abided by the situation defined in the 1947 United Nations partition plan which considered Jerusalem as a corpus separatum located neither in Israel, nor in Jordan.
    The site of Jerusalem was nominated in 1981 by Jordan, it being agreed at the time that inscription should in no way be regarded as a means for registering political or sovereignty claims by any State.
    UNESCO's website lists the Old City in the "Arab States" regional group, but does not specify which country it belongs to. UNESCO lists entries for sites in Israel as being part of the "Europe" regional group and they are clearly marked "IL" for Israel.
  3. UNESCO World Heritage Centre - World Heritage in Danger List

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