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The seventeenth century English author Sir Thomas Browne merged the new method of scientific inquiry with his Christian faith (read more)

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Featured Article: Arnold of Brescia

Monument to Arnold at Brescia
Arnold of Brescia (c. 1090 – c.1155), also known as Arnaldus (Italian: Arnaldo da Brescia), was a monk from Italy who called on the Catholic church to renounce ownership of property, led the Commune of Rome's temporary overthrow of papal rule, and was later hanged by the Church for treason.

Born in Italy, Arnold became an Augustinian monk and then prior of a monastery in Brescia, possibly studying at some point with Peter Abelard in Paris. Witnessing the corrupting influence of wealth on the clergy, he became critical of the temporal powers of the Catholic Church, calling on his local bishop to renounce property ownership and return church lands to the city government. Arnold was condemned for this at the Second Lateran Council 1139. He soon stood trial with Abelard at Sens, where both men were sentenced to silence and exile as a result of the accusations of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux.

Popular Article: Goldfish

A Hama Nishiki goldfish (a relation of the Pearlscale fancy goldfish variety)
Goldfish is the common name for a freshwater fish, Carassius auratus, of the carp or minnow family, Cyprinidae, that is native to East Asia and has been domesticated and developed into many ornamental breeds for aquariums and water gardens.

One of the earliest fish to be domesticated—in China over 1,000 years ago (BAS 2007)—the goldfish remains one of the most popular aquarium fish. Over the centuries, through human creativity acting on the foundation of an original carp species, many color variations have been produced, some far different form the original "golden" color of the first domesticated fish. Diverse forms have also been developed. Beyond the aesthetic pleasure from such varieties, goldfish have also offered practical value in control of mosquitoes.

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