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Contrary to popular belief, Napoleon was actually slightly taller than an average Frenchman of the nineteenth century (read more)

Featured Article: Medjugorje

Shrine in Medjugorge
Međugorje (ˈmɛdʑu.ɡɔːrjɛ, roughly meh’-joo-gor-yeh) is a town located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, approximately 15.5 miles (25 km) southwest of Mostar and near the border of Croatia. The town has become well-known due to apparitions of the Virgin Mary, reportedly seen by six local children beginning on June 24, 1981. It is reported that a vision appeared nightly to the six children present, during which time ten "secrets" of future events were revealed. These apparitions are still controversial within the Catholic Church and while some authorities believe in them, they have not been officially accepted.

When word spread of these visions, millions flocked to the town for healing and absolution. The site of the visions, Podbrdo of Mount Crnica, has become known as "Apparition Hill."

Popular Article: Inner transition metal

The inner transition metals are two series of elements known as the lanthanides and actinides. They are usually shown below all the other elements in the standard view of the periodic table, but they really belong to periods 6 and 7. The lanthanide series consists of the 14 elements, cerium through lutetium (atomic numbers 58–71) immediately following lanthanum. Likewise, the actinide series consists of the 14 elements, thorium through lawrencium (atomic numbers 90–103), immediately following actinium. These elements were among the last to be discovered and placed in the periodic table. Many of the actinides do not occur naturally but were synthesized through nuclear reactions.

Chemically, the elements within each series (especially the lanthanides) are very similar to one another.

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